Welcome to Wonderlove-Abys !

I live in the ancient city of Neuss, which was called Novaesium during the reign of the Roman Empire, close to Düsseldorf & Cologne.
Since 1986 I breed these beautiful and adorable cats, starting first with Somalis, the longhaired sister of the Abyssinian, and since 1992 the shorthaired original.
I lost my heart and love to these cats and couldn't imagine to breed or live with another breed - except maybe a Devon Rex :-)
I raise about 2 - 3 litters a year, often less.
All my kittens are raised underfoot, living together with the adults that belong here, right from the beginning.
My cats have FIFe pedigrees and are PK-Deficiency & PRA tested.
They will not leave here before they are around 4 months of age.
I hope you take pleasure in having a look at my cats and see all new pictures and read the news.
Thanks to Anne-Marie the website now has "personality" and is always up-dated.
Should you be interested, please call or e-mail me.
See you soon.

Yours sincerely, Doris Angermund
Tel.: int+(0)2137-4780